We’re your new radio station!

We’re playing amazing songs 24/7, and we’ve these shows to put them in.  No matter when you tune in, you’re never far from the music.

You can hear us on DAB Digital Radio in The Westcountry & South Wales Coast area.  The complete guide to 100% Radio stations will be online soon


  • Workdays never sounded so good – With a huge range of songs.
  • We play Whatever we want from Whenever. We’re not stuck to one decade or nation, We’re not all Pink and patronising or full of doom and gloom. We’re Just us.
  • With at least half the Adverts and no DJ waffle of those OTHER stations we make your workday fly.


  • Tune in. Try us!
  • We’re playing Whatever we want from Whenever all night long.  You will hear amazing songs and things to make you go Wow. or WTF.
  • Either way its fine by us.

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